Adam Kharlampovych

Serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, co-founder of the NPPO Algorithm of Actions

Adam was born in Rozhyshche to a family of engineers. He studied at Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University, majoring in accounting and auditing. 

From a young age, he was interested in entrepreneurship, especially in the field of computers and technology. In 2004, he organized the first servers for Counter-Strike championships in the region and ran a computer sales company. After the crisis, he decided to focus on programming and development and SEO promotion of e-commerce platforms. 

Now Adam has a team of specialists and invests several businesses in the field of e-sports, e-commerce, online-media, and affiliate-marketing.

Since childhood, Adam has been actively involved in the public life of Lutsk and the region: as a schoolboy, he convinced the Ministry of Education to equip the first modern computer classroom in Volyn in his school. In 2007, he built the first modern playground in his hometown of Rozhyshche. 

Now he is an investor in Promprylad and a patron of social projects in Lutsk and the region. He founded the Algorithm of Actions in order to unite all projects aimed at improving the region of Volyn.

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