Algorytm has received a grant from ISAR Ednannia

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Algorytm NGO has received a grant for facilitating a strategic session and developing a strategic plan from ISAR Ednannia.

ISAR Ednannia — one of the largest Ukrainian grant providers, offering between 200 and 500 grants annually for the implementation of socially beneficial initiatives across the country.

Algorytm NGO is a young organization that has already implemented numerous projects, with the most ambitious ones still ahead. Our mission is to transform Lutsk into a city of opportunities for representatives of creative industries through the formation of an ecosystem and the activation of civil society, businesses, and government for the sustainable development of the region.

We are focusing on enhancing our organizational and institutional capacity. That's why our platform applied for a grant for strategic session conduction and developing a strategic plan from ISAR Ednannia under the USAID project "Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative." And we have received this grant.

At the end of February, the Algorytm team conducted the first part of the strategy session. Olexandra Baklanova became our facilitator, she is an expert in strategies and changes management in the civil sector and business sphere. It was two days of intense work: we provided analyzing our experience, defined priority goals, and planned a lot. However, it was not enough. So, shortly after, we gathered again to summarize the session and develop a strategic plan.

Inspired and motivated, we are already working on implementing our projects and achieving goals.

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