Algorytm NGO is a partner of Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis

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Algorytm NGO supported Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis, the first research of the Ukrainian art market for 2021-2023. 

The results revealed market development trends and significant achievements of Ukrainian artists in Ukraine and abroad.

How was the research conducted?

The research involved gallery owners, dealers, artists, and collectors. A survey of all of them from June 2023 to February 2024 showed the challenges the Ukrainian art market faces on the global stage. 

On March 21, the research findings were presented at the creative venue MacPaw Space, gathering key stakeholders of the Ukrainian art sector, international experts, government representatives, and the art community.

Why is it important nowadays?

The war forced the world to pay attention not only to the bravery of our people but also to the uniqueness of our cultural heritage. According to Google data, interest in Ukrainian art increased by 6 times after February 24, 2022. Moreover, the value of Ukrainian art has increased by one and a half times during this period, as reported by the Spilne art platform team, the initiator of the analysis.

"In 2024, one of the main focuses of international donors is on Ukrainian culture. That's why we are so eager to support and develop art projects," 

noted Adam Kharlampovych, co-founder of the Algorytm platform, who participated in a panel discussion at the presentation.

He pointed out a need for proper communication with Ukrainians living abroad because they have the opportunity to talk about our identity and the quality of our products.

Adam Kharlampovych, co-founder of the Algorytm platform
Adam Kharlampovych, co-founder of the Algorytm platform

"They can promote Ukraine effectively. We need to become understandable to the global market, then foreigners will understand who we are, why they should stand with us, support us, and provide us with weapons," 

emphasized Adam Kharlampovych.

You can check out the detailed results of the analysis via the link (in Ukrainian). There is interesting data about countries and cities that are the most interested in buying Ukrainian art products, the average monthly income of artists, and others.

There was also a charity auction on the presentation. Nearly 18,000 euros were raised, which will go towards equipment for the military.

For reference: Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis was initiated by the Spilne art platform. The Algorytm platform became the partner in conducting the research and organization of the presentation.

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