How to Establish a Creative Hub in Lutsk: Algorytm NGO learned it in Belgium

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The Algorytm NGO team went to Belgium to see how European technological and creative centers operate.

We’re working on establishing a creative hub in Lutsk, so we must explore successful cases of similar spaces worldwide.

Nowadays, the international donor’s attention is focused on Ukraine, recognizing that creative industries are pivotal for preserving and revitalizing the Ukrainian economy. Therefore, we’re learning from the best to garner international support and recognition for Lutsk as a leading city in creative industries.

Three significant locations we’ve visited are below:

BeCentral, Brussels

Located above the city’s central station, BeCentral is the largest European technological center. We saw an ecosystem of educational initiatives, NGOs, and tech businesses operating in the same space. As a result, people from different companies share ideas, make partnerships, and innovate new products.

BeCentral is a space for technology learning and startup development. Its mission is to provide people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds with an opportunity to participate in the digital revolution.

Revive, Ghent

Revive’s primary mission is to transform former industrial sites into green and vibrant neighborhoods to live and work. Abandoned factories, hospitals, and other buildings are converted into hubs for technology companies. Meticulously designed spaces foster meetings between people from various organizations, stimulating the emergence of new partnerships and new products.

European Parliament, Brussels

Our fellow countryman from Lutsk Oleksandr Lazuka, who works in the European Parliament, organized a tour of the institution for us. He explained its significance for Ukraine today: for our defense, accession to the European Union, and cultural diplomacy.

By the way, Oleksandr coordinates the Lutsk office at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, which opened on March 19, 2023.

“The presence of representation in the capital of the European Union will enable us to join initiatives of the European Committee of the Regions, improve the city’s access to EU programs and resource mobilization, and promote Lutsk at various European forums,”

the organizers say.

So, the Algorytm NGO team returned home inspired, with many ideas and new potential partners.

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