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A new project,, is launching in Lutsk. Initiated by independent journalists, it aims to provide high-quality media.

The Algorytm platform supports the aspirations of the team and share their values, so we’ve already become partners. journalists promise to cover the city’s news, moods, intriguing stories, people, spaces, and new opportunities. They’re sharing these, inspiring readers to brighten their lives even amidst the ongoing war.

There is no spam or overload of news about accidents or drunken brawls at — useful and interesting information only. We are a city online journal, with our hearts from Lutsk. However, we create plenty of interesting content for subscribers from other regions too. We carefully check the world news and share global thoughts. And we’re fearless in touching upon topics whispered about

noted Liudmyla Yavorska, director of

She adds that along with the team, they’re proving that life in Lutsk is vibrant, and meaningful, and offers numerous opportunities for citizens and tourists alike. The media is gradually launching on various platforms. Currently, is available on Telegram, Instagram and Facebook.

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