RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk project has started

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The process of installing temporary housing for Ukrainians affected by the war has begun in Zhydychyn. A large team of designers, architects, and builders is working on the project.

RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk houses are built according to responsible (sustainable) architecture principles. These are low-rise prefabricated buildings made of lightweight structures.

The main stages of the required work:

  • construction of the main road
  • laying paths around the sections
  • installation of utilities and arrangement of channels
  • assembly of residential structures
  • removal and installation of sections on the prepared land plot compacted with concrete mixture

The following works are currently in progress:

  • The main road is being laid. The fertile vegetation layer is removed, the site is leveled, tamped with sand, lined with geotextiles, and poured and rolled with crushed stone of various fractions.
  • Residential sections are assembled. They are made using a frame and panel system. The residential sections are assembled in Lutsk in four steps: assembling the houses, filling and sewing the frame with insulation from the outside and inside, and finishing the interior walls. Currently, we have one assembled section waiting to be installed in Zhydychyn.

It will take about two weeks for the builders to complete the main road and paths around the sections, to bring in all the necessary utilities and move on to the next stages of work.

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