How RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk Combines Sustainability and Innovation in its Projects

Having a comfortable place to live is highly important, especially in times of uncertainty and under stressful conditions. For internally displaced Ukrainians, projects are not always associated with sustainability, though. However, the truth is that a properly developed housing project can combine comfort, social integration, and environmental concern.

The mission of RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk is to change the perception that temporary housing is just for survival. One of the most talked about Ukraine housing innovation projects in Lutsk combines both creativity and sustainability in its approach to providing homes. What makes the project stand out from others is that it is inherently people-centered. We focus on building the community and keep the future of people and the land in mind.

How Does The Project Achieve Sustainability?

What do you imagine when you think about Ukraine housing projects for internally displaced persons? The country has already seen a few failed temporary housing attempts since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2014. For instance, module houses were built for displaced Ukrainians in Kharkiv. However, poor quality of materials and the lack of vision into what the temporary housing should be about have led to difficulties with internally displaced Ukrainians integration into the life of Kharkiv and the negative perception of people. What is more, people continue to live there now despite the inhuman conditions.

The team behind RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk understands that temporary housing for Ukrainians has to be developed with maximum attention to detail. That’s why the project offers a completely different level of housing compared to those existing in Ukraine. But what makes the project truly innovative is that we strive for sustainability in all aspects, from social to environmental.

The project, designed for 456 residents, minimizes the impact on the environment by using durable and high-quality materials. The houses are made to last and won’t start falling apart in just two years of active use. On average, a house should remain in a condition suitable for living for 15 years, which means that several families can benefit from a single house. They also can be easily disassembled for ecological reuse.

Prioritizing Social Integration

Previous housing projects showed that the integration of internally displaced Ukrainians into the life of a region should not be underestimated. RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk takes care of providing spaces and opportunities for people to interact, learn, and use various services. The temporary housing territory will include the following:

  • Designated spaces for cultural events, educational activities, and psychological help
  • Places to eat
  • Spaces to receive services (dry cleaners, hair salons, and more)
  • Childcare facility
  • Coworking space
  • Recreational areas (playgrounds, an area for sports, a bicycle lane)
  • First-aid facility, etc.

This combination of opportunities for internally displaced Ukrainians allows people to continue their fulfilled lives while residing in temporary houses. This is an important social aspect of sustainable development, as people shouldn’t feel left on their own in an unfamiliar environment.

Innovation at the Forefront of RE:Ukraine Housing In Lutsk

Intelligent construction is not just in the use of reliable materials, you should also ensure that all the spaces work well together. The size and location of each unit on the territory of a complex in Zhydychyn are optimal for comfort and privacy. The soundproof materials make sure that people can get rest and won’t be stressed or triggered by the outdoor sounds. Thanks to careful planning by the balbek bureau, there is enough space for everyone, and the territory can be effectively managed by the community.

Another innovative aspect is creating a true community. Achieving cooperation and creativity are the main values behind the project. For this reason, people living on the territory will have access to: 

  • Educational programs and workshops. Most people will need to update their knowledge in certain spheres or completely change their profession, so offering help in this aspect is crucial.
  • Organized cultural events. Community events are highly important for the socialization and mental recovery of people affected by the war.
  • Co-working spaces. These allow people to look for job opportunities online, communicate with other residents, and even work remotely.
  • Mental health professionals. People will be able to get help from psychologists and psychiatrists trained to work with people who suffered during the ongoing war.

All of these activities are designed to help displaced people integrate into Lutsk society, find suitable jobs, and then have their own housing after some time.

Final Thought

Various temporary housing projects for internally displaced Ukrainians help people get much-needed shelter. At the same time, world experience shows that simply providing people with roofs over their heads is not enough in the long run.

The team behind RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk prioritizes the comfort and integration of internally displaced Ukrainians. On the territory of Ukraine, this is a completely innovative approach to temporary housing. The project is aimed at not building a shelter but a community and providing all the necessary tools, from specialized spaces to services and activities.

Thought-out ecological construction of houses ensures that there won’t be a negative impact on the village of Zhydychyn and adjacent territories. The intention is to keep the territory surrounded by nature, which is highly therapeutic to people who suffer the consequences of the war.

Preserving nature, providing activities for the social integration of people, and building from reliable materials are the important parts of the temporary housing project in Zhydychyn, Lutsk.


What is RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk?

RE:Ukraine housing project in Lutsk, Ukraine, is a private initiative under the Re:Ukraine Ukraine Housing system developed by the balbek bureau. The goal of the project is to offer high-quality temporary housing in the village of Zhydychyn for internally displaced Ukrainians.

What are the main features and benefits of RE:Ukraine?

As one of the temporary housing projects for internally displaced Ukrainians, this initiative is focused on social integration and sustainability. For this reason, the project uses durable materials in buildings, provides communal spaces, creates recreational and co-working areas, and offers various services on the territory.

How does the project RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk foster social integration and community development among the residents?

The project has a strong emphasis on reintegration opportunities. RE:Ukraine Housing Lutsk involves community builders who will work in public spaces where people will be able to talk, discuss ideas, and form connections. What is more, people will get help finding new jobs by discussing their options with career consultants.

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