RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk: Transforming the Lives of Internally Displaced Ukrainians

After the Russian Federation invaded Ukraine in February 2022, approximately one-third of Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes. Some have left the country, while others have become internally displaced people in need of housing and job opportunities.

What is more, according to the research conducted by UNHCR and Right to Protection, 7% of interviewed individuals don’t currently hope to return to their places of previous residence. It is obvious that internally displaced Ukrainians need to have access to a comfortable temporary residence where they can get a sense of stability and start thinking about the future.

RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk is a project designed to provide people who lost their homes due to the war with convenient places to live and build their lives anew. There is no sense in denying that a temporary settlement can often be far from ideal because of its tiny size, lack of privacy, and poor-quality materials. The goal of the project is to overcome the mentioned issues and provide people with an alternative that will support them on their way to new lives. Here, you can learn more about this unique Ukrainian project.

Why Is RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk Project Important?

RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk
RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk

There is a range of common problems that internally displaced Ukrainians face when they look for houses:

  • Lack of affordable or free options for people who are unable to pay rent.
  • Available modular housing is not suitable for dignified living due to the lack of privacy, infrastructure, and access to important facilities.
  • Temporary houses offered to displaced individuals are often designed without any social integration in mind and don’t provide communal spaces for people to communicate and share experiences.
  • Housing offered to displaced individuals can be too far removed, which creates difficulties in finding jobs. People are not able to integrate into local communities, which limits them and adds to a sense of isolation.
  • The poor quality of some houses negatively affects the emotional well-being of people who lost their homes, as they have to struggle in their day-to-day lives instead of focusing on important things.

Keeping all the mentioned problems in mind, the professionals behind the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk project emphasized restoring the lives of internally displaced people by providing them with the right conditions.

Social integration is at the forefront of the project. The developed settlement takes care of the people’s need for communication and provides them with spaces to engage with others. Residents can lead an active life, cooperate, share ideas, and are given opportunities to find jobs.

But there is one more focus of the project — rehabilitation. People affected by war are in their most vulnerable states and are highly affected by external conditions like loud sounds or not inclusive spaces. For this reason, the settlement is surrounded by nature, which provides the needed quietness, and it’s developed with the inclusivity of spaces in mind and contributes to the rehabilitation of internally displaced persons in Lutsk.

What is more, the village of Zhydychyn, which is where the project is located, is close to the city of Lutsk. It means that people have better chances of finding suitable jobs and don’t feel separated from the life of the region. It is a carefully curated space designed specifically for the current situation.

The Benefits of RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk for the Residents and the Community

RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk has been developed with the idea that temporary housing for internally displaced Ukrainians doesn’t have to be the bare minimum for survival. It can be completely suitable for a dignified life where people will feel comfortable and socially integrated. The benefits of the project include:

Better living conditions

The project focuses on both the physical and psychological well-being of its future residents. The area is located in nature on the river shore yet is close to the city of Lutsk. The goal is to ensure that the entire territory works like a community, has proper infrastructure, and promotes the integration of internally displaced persons in Lutsk.

Enough space for everyone

The entire plot of the settlement, including recreational areas, is 12.25 hectares and is designed for the comfortable living of up to 456 people. There are 142 parking spaces for those who own cars.

Professional integration

Integration into the professional community is an important part of the project, as displaced people need to provide for their family once they are settled in the new space. There are communal areas for people to discuss ideas and a space for coworking.

Specialized support

On the territory of the housing complex, residents will have an opportunity to work with psychologists who will help them recover from traumatic experiences. There will be workshops and one-on-one consultations with career advisors who will aid people in finding suitable jobs. What is more, community builders will ensure that residents feel supported, have access to essential services, and know who to contact in need of any help.

High-quality materials

Modular houses used in the project are made from high-quality materials and designed to last approximately 15 years. Because they have plenty of durability, they can even be disassembled and moved to a different location if necessary.

A higher level of privacy

This housing for internally displaced Ukrainians is designed with the privacy of individuals in mind. People will be able to live with their families privately, and they won’t be disturbed by the sounds of neighbors, as the buildings use soundproof materials.

Access to all the necessary facilities

RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk is a full-on settlement project, so it’s not just limited to houses. Residents will have access to vital community facilities — playgrounds for children, green zones, a pharmacy, a coworking space, places to eat, and more.

Final Thought

As the war in Ukraine continues, more and more people are in need of housing. Due to the large number of Ukrainians moving to safer regions, it’s not always possible to find readily available houses and apartments. This unique project is designed to act as a starting point for a new life for internally displaced Ukrainians in Lutsk. It gives people an opportunity to socially and professionally integrate into the life of the region in a comfortable space.


Who is behind the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk project?

The founders of the non-profit organization ‘Algorithm of Actions’ contacted the creators of the RE: Ukraine Housing project, the balbek bureau, with the proposal to implement their innovative design in the modular settlement in Zhydychyn. It is a private initiative, which is made possible thanks to the financial contributions to the organization.

What is the mission and vision of the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk project?

The mission of the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk project is to provide displaced individuals with convenient and thought-out modular housing to help them start over their lives. The vision is that individuals get an opportunity to live in a comfortable environment while they look for jobs, develop connections, and integrate into the life of the Lutsk region.

Who can apply for housing in the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk complex, and what are the criteria?

Internally displaced people can apply for housing developed under the project. As the project of temporary housing for internally displaced people focuses on integration, the prioritized applicants are those who want to continue living in Lutsk.

Where is the RE: Ukraine Housing Lutsk project located, and how far is it from Lutsk?

Modular housing for internally displaced Ukrainians is located in the village of Zhydychyn. It is approximately 10 km from the central part of Lutsk, so it is only a 15-minute drive by car.

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