The Impact of Module of Temporality (MOT) on the Local Community and Culture in Lutsk

The Impact of Module of Temporality
The Impact of Module of Temporality

The Module of Temporality in Lutsk is a unique creative space brimming with works of art that has become the biggest art project of the year in Ukraine. Following its success in Kyiv and Dnipro, Lutsk became the third city in Ukraine whose residents were able to visit this art space with exhibition halls, sculptures, canvases, installations, movie screenings, and lecture platforms. The MOT Lutsk was created by the team “Don’t Take Fake” from Kyiv and supported by the Algorytm NGO.

Let’s talk about the key ideas and goals of this modern creative space in Lutsk: from creative exploration and inspiration despite the war to generating money for cultural restoration and raising awareness of the Russian invasion.

How MOT Transforms Lutsk into a Living Art Destination

The Module of Temporality is a two-story building of 27 container modules that works as an exhibition center. The construction has an exhibition of works by 28 artists from different countries, as well as a gift store with items from Ukrainian brands, a platform for film screenings, performances, and lectures.

All works of art are united by the theme of temporality, as well as by a global goal — to attract more attention to Ukraine and raise funds for the restoration of art institutions damaged and destroyed due to the Russian invasion. All profits from tickets, gift stores, and auctions will be allocated to the reconstruction of Ukrainian art objects, monuments, and museums.

That is, the project plays a huge role in the entire cultural sector of Ukraine — the artistic community with the Module of Temporality in Lutsk not only finds solace in artistic expression but also takes a direct part in the restoration of the art of Ukraine.

The MOT art space project speaks about capturing the fluidity of life and time in art to show uncertainty and, at the same time, support the desire to continue to fight, live, and create even during the war.

Module of Temporality (MOT) in Lutsk: A New Concept of Temporary Use of Space

balbek bureau was in charge of the architectural component and interior of the project. MOT’s concept and design are about modular architecture, flexible planning, and multifunctional equipment. The building itself evoke the sense of temporality, as it can be easily disassembled, transported, and reassembled in another city in a matter of days.

Yet, this construction has even more to it that catches the eye. Slava Balbek, the CEO of the balbek bureau, believed that architecture and the interior itself should amplify the message of this art project. Therefore, adding metal from the Mariupol and Bakhmut, symbols of Ukrainian resistance, to the constriction as well as using other elements, like chairs from stadiums destroyed by Russians, serves as a reminder of the conflict’s impact. Even the low ceiling (except for the main hall) remind people of being inside the bomb shelter.

The public art with the Module of Temporality in Lutsk stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of Ukraine and its unwavering commitment to art and culture in the face of adversity.

The Impact of MOT on the Local Community in Lutsk

A creative community with the Module of Temporality in Lutsk receives a large number of benefits and opportunities, such as greater access to cultural, social, and educational activities. Besides, artistic expression with the Module of Temporality in Lutsk allows artists from all around the world to be heard and promote their work while supporting the noble cause.

Adam Kharlampovych, a co-founder of the Algorytm NGO, says that Lutsk is ready for such large-scale projects, and there are people willing to implement them. According to him, the holding of such an art project and cultural space contributes to the fact that in a few years, a large creative hub may appear in Lutsk — this will be a place for communication and interaction between artists and public figures who are interested in doing something for the city.

Creative expression with the MOT in Lutsk demonstrates that even such small towns have a request to be part of the great, receive enough attention, and attract investment. Kateryna Telipska, head of the Lutsk Tourism and Promotion Department, notes that she likes to see the city from this angle. In her opinion, the MOT is an important initiative with a social purpose, proves that culture is always on time, and allows Lutsk residents to participate in the reconstruction of art institutions.

Visitors to the Module of Temporality say that such projects are inspiring — creative expression with the MOT in Lutsk is the voice of Ukraine, it reminds the world about Ukraine and that it must win, as well as proves that Lutsk is the same part of the big world.

Final Thoughts

The Module of Temporality teaches us how to draw the world’s attention to Ukraine in a new way — through culture and art. From the artworks to the building and interior itself, the MOT is permeated with the uncertainty and the fluidity of life and provokes a deep desire to continue living and creating. It is another step towards building creative hub in Lutsk.

But promoting art and raising awareness about Russian aggression against Ukraine and its consequences for people and the environment aren’t the only purposes of this project. The creative community with the MOT in Lutsk (Ukraine) has generated over 10 million hryvnias, and all the money will be allocated to restore art institutions damaged or destroyed due to Russian attacks.

Engaging with the community spirit through public art with the MOT in Lutsk, Ukraine, you notice the city’s cultural renaissance and that it is ready for even more such projects. These initiatives also prove that culture is a weapon you can use to fight for your freedom.

FAQ block

What is the MOT, and what is its purpose in Lutsk?

The Module of Temporality is a unique art project with the idea of using art and culture to draw more world attention to Ukraine. It helps raise funds to reconstruct art institutions damaged or destroyed as a result of Russian aggression. It’s also a part of the bigger goal to build a creative hub in Lutsk.

How many visitors were covered by MOT in Lutsk, Ukraine?

One of the biggest international art project of the year in Ukraine lasted 32 days in Lutsk. During this time, the Module of Temporality was visited by more than 7,000 people.

What cultural aspects does the MOT highlight?

The MOT is a platform for artists from various backgrounds and countries to showcase their work and explore themes of temporality. It also raises awareness of the adaptability and resilience of the Ukrainian people in times of crisis. For Lutsk, it becomes a space for community engagement through various cultural events and workshops. It also shows that the city is competitive and attractive for investment, as well as one where residents can satisfy their creative, cultural, social, and educational needs.

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