How cooperation between two NGOs will improve community development: the case of Zhydychyn

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In Zhydychyn, the NGOs "Algorithm of Actions" and " Spilna Sprava+" signed a memorandum of cooperation.

Algorithm of Actions" is a non-governmental organization that unites the business, technological, and creative community of Lutsk and supports sustainable and innovative development of the region. The organization implements the following projects: the Diia.Business entrepreneur support center in Lutsk, a comprehensive study of the city called Urban Vision Lutsk, and temporary housing in Zhydychyn called Re: Ukraine Housing Lutsk. In addition, the "Module of Temporality" art space is open in Lutsk until August 13, with the initiative and funding of "Algorithm of Actions".

The NGO Spilna Sprava+" cares about the economic, social, cultural, and environmental development of Zhydychyn, actualizes its history, and turns the village into a cultural and tourist center.

The organization arranged Peter and Paul Square as a public space in Lypliany. It opened the Zhydychyn Center for Tourist Information and the ISYKHYIA Psychological Support Center for IDPs at St. Nicholas Zhydychyn Monastery in Zhydychyn with the support of the local Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The story of the Ancient Zhydychyn team won the European Heritage Days (EHD) project and the All-Ukrainian Initiative Groups' Community Success Stories Competition "Active Community".

The team of "Algorithm of Actions" and Spilna Sprava+" 
The team of "Algorithm of Actions" and Spilna Sprava+" 

We work closely with communities and civil society organizations, gathering professionals around us. Together with the NGO " Spilna Sprava+", we have joined forces primarily to support and restore Ukrainians affected by the war. I am glad that we have common views on the problems of our region and community and will bring victory closer together."

Vadym Makhomed, head of the NGO "Algorithm of Actions"

Together, the NGOs plan to implement projects to support and restore Ukrainians affected by the war, improve territories, arrange cultural and environmental spaces, preserve cultural heritage, develop Ukrainian identity, and form national meanings and values. They also strive to engage the public in participative activities - interaction and participation in community life, as well as cultural and educational events.

Yulia Dashchuk and Vadym Makhomed
Yulia Dashchuk and Vadym Makhomed

Active people can do more by joining together - it's a synergy effect. One plus one equals three"

Yulia Dashchuk, Head of the NGO " Spilna Sprava+"
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