MOT and Algorytm NGO start accepting applications for more than 9 million UAH to restore art institutions affected by Russian aggression

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On September 12, MOT and Algorytm NGO will start accepting applications for more than 9 million hryvnias for art institutions affected by Russian aggression.

Any Ukrainian art institution damaged or completely destroyed by Russian attacks can apply by filling out the form here by December 1, 2023.

It is an initiative of the organizers of the most significant art project of the year, the Module of Temporality (MOT), Don't Take Fake, and the partners of the Ukrainian tour of the space, Algorytm NGO, who want to draw global attention to art institutions, help restore Ukrainian art establishments, and show that culture is capable of supporting in difficult times.

The priority now is to help the military, doctors, and temporarily displaced persons, and we support this. At the same time, we need to take care not only of the present but also of the future. One of the artists represented at the MOT, the Spaniard Pablo Valbuena, mentions Serhiy Zhadan in the description of his work: "When there is no culture, and there is a void, fear takes its place". We don't want to give fear this chance, so we care about preserving art in Ukraine at all times," 

says Dmytro Sobol, founder of Don't Take Fake.

All funds are generated by the Module of Temporality (MOT) project - tickets to the exhibition and special events, profit from the gifting desk, and sales of the DTF Magazine. They form a special fund that will be used for reconstruction. The number of projects the team will be able to support will depend on the final amount raised and the urgent needs of the institutions at the time of the fundraising. Currently, it is almost 9,000,000 hryvnias.

A report on the funds raised and spent will be posted on the website and the @mot.object Instagram page. 

The MOT teaches us how to draw the world's attention to Ukraine in a new way - through culture and art." "It is important to do something unusual to show how fantastic Ukrainians are. So, we create previously impossible collaborations between different cities and organizations with common values and goals. This way, we will preserve and develop the culture that the enemy has been trying to kill for centuries," explains Adam Harlampovich, co-founder of Algorytm NGO.

explains Adam Harlampovich, co-founder of Algorytm NGO.

About the "Module of Temporality" (MOT)

MOT means "Module of Temporality". The basis of the "Module of Temporality" is an exhibition space featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual works by 28 artists from 10 countries. More than 45,000 visitors have already seen the art project in three cities in Ukraine.

The project aims to draw even more attention to Ukraine and raise funds to restore art institutions that have suffered from Russian aggression.

At first, the space worked in Kyiv for three months and then went on a tour of Ukraine - Dnipro, Lutsk, and in September-October, Lviv, the last stop of the Ukrainian tour. During the first weekend here, more than a thousand people visited the space, and the foundation received almost half a million hryvnias.

Currently, the space is traveling with the exhibition. Upon completion of the presentation, a charity auction with the artists' works will be held in Europe, the funds of which will also be directed to the MOT general fund.

Teaser of the MOT project

How will the selection be made?

Based on the UNESCO list and data from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, six damaged art institutions that need assistance in restoration and are located in the government-controlled areas of Ukraine (as of August 2023) have been identified.

The Foundation has also started accepting applications from institutions that are not on the official lists but need support for their recovery. Depending on the amount raised and the extent of the damage, one or more facilities will be supported.

With a specially formed expert group, the MOT team will review all applications and help select one or more institutions. The names of the experts will be available on the project's website and Instagram before the voting. The final decision will also depend on the funds raised, which will be finalized after the auction.

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