MOT: restoration of art institutions in Ukraine
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The opening of the MOT in Lviv launched a campaign to restore damaged art institutions by the Don't Take Fake team and the "Algorithm of Actions" NGO.

The Module of Temporality (MOT) is the largest international art project of the year in Ukraine. It is a temporary cultural space by Don't Take Fake, created with an international team, and an exhibition of contemporary art of the same name with the participation of 28 artists from 10 countries under the curatorship of Fabrice Busto. One of the project's key goals is to draw even more attention to Ukraine and raise funds to restore cultural institutions affected by Russian aggression.

The "Algorithm of Actions" NGO shares the Don't Take Fake team's desire to develop the country's cultural environment. So, we joined forces and launched a common campaign to restore damaged art institutions.

Based on the UNESCO list and data from the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, we have identified damaged art institutions that need help in restoration and are located in government-controlled areas (as of September 2023). We are also starting to accept applications from institutions not included in the official lists but need support for their recovery.

A specially formed team of experts will review all applications and help us select one or more institutions. The final decision will also depend on the funds raised, which will be finalized after the auction.

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