The MOT space will support the restoration of the Chernihiv Art Museum

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The Open Call lasted from September 2023 and was open to any Ukrainian institution with its own art collection damaged as a result of Russian aggression. 

The restoration fund was formed by the temporary cultural space Module of Temporality (MOТ) project in Kyiv, Lutsk, Dnipro, and Lviv and amounts to over 10 million UAH.

Five experts from the fields of art and architecture were involved in evaluating the applications from art institutions. Each of them was asked to rank 7 institutions from the shortlist in order of priority for funding reconstruction and explain their choice. According to the ranking from each expert, applicants received from 1 to 7 points. In addition, two assessments were added by the MOT organizers and the restoration campaign team — don’t Take Fake and the “Algorytm” platform. With a score of 41 out of 49 possible, the winner was determined — the Chernihiv Regional Art Museum named after Hryhoriy Galagan, which will receive priority support from MOT.

The Chernihiv Regional Art Museum named after Hryhoriy Galagan
The Chernihiv Regional Art Museum named after Hryhoriy Galagan

Here’s how experts and organizers mentioned the museum in their evaluations:

“The diversity of the collection and art initiatives, that are held by the museum, show us the openness to the modernity and to the dialogue with the visitors”

— Kostiantyn Doroshenko, Ukrainian art critic, publicist, curator, host of the podcast Culture of Everything

”…It’s especially important to support regional institutions. The Koenig Manor [another shortlisted institution] and the Chernihiv Art Museum have an important regional and local value in the formation of the cultural environment, and therefore their renovation is very important for the preservation of Ukrainian cultural heritage.”

— Eugene Bereznitsky, curator, collector, founder of Kyiv Art Week

“It’s an institution that has a potential to move and develop. Chernihiv is currently outside the zone of active hostilities, which is favorable for recovery.”

— Olga Balashova, Chairman of the Board, co-founder of Museum of Contemporary Art NGO

“The museum building is an architectural monument, and the museum itself has a large-scale collection with valuable artifacts, which is currently not kept in proper condition. Severe damage threatens the preservation of the collection and prohibit the safe functioning of the museum. I see the readiness of the team to make significant efforts for renovation, which indicates that received funds will be used in the most efficient way. There are examples of successful support from other partners and its effective implementation in the restoration of the museum.”

— Natalia Matsenko, art historian, independent curator, art critic, lecturer.

“The choice of the leader was both straightforward — the scale of destruction of the Chernihiv Art Museum was one of the largest among all applicants, meanwhile, its collection is among the most valuable in Ukraine; but also complex, as the history of each institution is individual and touches in its own way.”

— Slava Balbek, architect, founder of balbek bureau

“To preserve the Chernihiv Art Museum and activate it as a powerful cultural institution is a very important challenge. The museum building is an architectural landmark that requires a series of restoration measures and proper preservation for its collection.”

— Dima Mykytenko, artist, expert at “Algorytm”

Currently, the team from the Chernihiv museum is conducting additional calculations to assess repair works. However, it has already been determined that the first instalment will help complete the restoration of windows, refurbish the shelter hall, and establish a restoration workshop.

In addition, six institutions made it to the shortlist: the Kharkiv Art Museum, The Koenig Manor in Trostyanets, the Dovzhenko Center, the Odessa Literary Museum, the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, and the Bashtan Regional Museum. The MOT team will provide additional information about them through its channels to draw attention to the damages and the need for support for these institutions.

Recall that MOT is the largest international art project in Ukraine in 2023, initiated by don’t Take Fake. From February to October, it hosted an exhibition featuring 28 artists from 10 countries who dedicated their works to the theme of “temporariness” — a state of uncertainty and change, experienced by Ukrainians currently. The space was visited by over 56,000 people in four cities. Proceeds from ticket sales, the price of which was determined by visitors themselves, as well as from event tickets and profits from the gift store featuring Ukrainian brands, were accumulated into a fund for the restoration of art institutions damaged due to Russian aggression.

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