How Algorytm NGO Creates Opportunities for Creative Entrepreneurs in Lutsk

Creative industries are one of the key drivers of any modern economy. In 2020, the creative sector generated 4.2% of added value in Ukraine alone, while globally, this figure reached 6%. Supporting the creative economy also has an added effect of supporting the overall welfare of communities, cities, regions, and the country as a whole. That’s why more and more non-governmental organizations are aiming to work in this sector, with Algorytm NGO being one of the most promising local players in Lutsk.

It is worth noting that people often understand creative industries as directly related to crafting art objects. However, the concept in fact includes a much wider range of activities like software and video game development, design and fashion, architecture, and more. All these industries also require support, so let’s take a look at how to do it right.

In this material, we will discuss how the public organization Algorytm NGO brings together businesses, technology, and communities to develop a creative hub in Lutsk.

Step 1: Understand the City

The Algorytm NGO took on the challenging task of transforming Lutsk into a center of creative industries in Ukraine. For this purpose, the team initiated comprehensive urban research in Lutsk, aiming to completely reimagine the city center and create a strategic vision plan and future development strategy for the area.

The primary objectives of the study are:

  • To identify the city’s development potential and engage its residents in forming a shared vision for the city’s future;
  • To determine the optimal tools to enhance the city’s tourist and investment appeal;
  • To create a better model of city connectivity by integrating nature and new pedestrian routes;
  • To improve the quality of life, accessibility, convenience, and visual appeal of the city center;
  • To develop principles of integrating modern residential and commercial developments, improve the usability of the existing buildings, and preserve the architectural heritage in the city center;
  • To make the local urban environment more accessible for people with limited mobility.

The study helped the team understand the needs of the Lutsk residents and attract attention to the project. The results of the study showcase several ways how authorities and businesses can make the city more inclusive and support the development of social entrepreneurship in Lutsk.

| The Urban Vision Lutsk study is publicly available for free, and anyone can check it out.

Step 2: Engage the Community

As we mentioned above, Algorytm NGO focuses on working with city residents, socially active individuals, and businesses to create a new vision for Lutsk.

For example, one of the Algorytm’s projects, Diia.Business Center in Lutsk, has significantly boosted entrepreneurship in the city. It is a part of Diia.Business, a national project for the development of Ukrainian business. There are 12 project hubs across Ukraine, and one more available in Poland. The Diia Center in Lutsk was opened with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, as well as from local and international companies such as ideil., redesign, UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, and MasterCard.

The Center is operated by the NGO Digital Vector. It opened its doors on March 21, 2023, and in just a year managed to attract about 7,200 visitors, conduct about 500 consultations, and accumulate almost 100,000 USD of financial aid to entrepreneurs. Now, the Diia.Business Center in Lutsk is an integral part of the city’s business life, serving as a point of intersection for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and thus fostering the development of local business communities.

Algorytm NGO has also established a connection with the city’s creative community and supported projects from the creative industry. For example, The Module of Temporality (MOT) is the largest international art project of 2023 in Ukraine. Created by don’t Take Fake in partnership with, it involved 28 artists from across the world.

With installations in Lutsk, Kyiv, Dnipro, and Lviv, the project generated over 10 million UAH. These funds have formed a foundation for restoring art institutions affected by the ongoing russian invasion of Ukraine.

Another good example is the Zerno (“The Grain”) art project, a two-meter stainless steel sculpture created by the GAZ art group and initiated by Algorytm NGO. Installed in the center of Lutsk, Grain has not only become a magnet for passersby’s attention but also a potent way of raising funds for the Come Back Alive Foundation.

The Algorytm platform currently supports several ongoing creative projects: a new independent journalist’s project, an ecosystem of literature events “Frontera,” open-air art Gallery 4/8, The Garmyder Theater, Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis, and others.

Step 3: Form Alliances

Transforming a city is an impossible task for one person or even a single well-organized group. Fostering creative industries development in Lutsk requires the involvement of all stakeholders, from ordinary residents to businesses and city authorities. Therefore, the next important step in the development of creative industries in the city is to establish partnerships.

Algorytm NGO has entered into partnerships with the following organizations and businesses:

The NGO Algorytm tries to take into account the interests of all parties interested in developing creative industries in Lutsk. Therefore, the list includes representatives of local authorities and businesses. The team has also started working with representatives of various creative initiatives present in the city.

Step 4: Establish the Hub

Finally, the organization’s overarching goal is to establish a hub of creative industries in Lutsk, elevating the city’s presence in both national and international discourses. Despite the challenges of navigating a wartime economy and society, Algorytm NGO believes that the project can be successfully implemented. With the experience gained from previous initiatives, strong partners, and a powerful team that the NGO has been building up all this time, this task is quite feasible.

The main goal of the hub of creative industries with Algorytm NGO is to create a space for representatives of those industries to realize their bold ideas, cooperate, establish partnerships, and develop the city. To fulfill this function, the hub must be suited for various needs. For example, a design studio and an IT company should both be able to get appropriate conditions for work, which in this case will require specialized software and tools.


Establishing a creative hub with Algorytm NGO in Lutsk is a highly ambitious and challenging task. However, its implementation will allow Lutsk’s creatives to evolve in the best way possible. This example shows how industries can grow even in the most challenging conditions and achieve remarkable success. Of course, for everything to work out, it is necessary to take into account the interests of all the stakeholders and apply the best practices of entrepreneurship and urbanism. There is no one-fits-all recipe on how to develop a comfortable city, how to unite creatives under one roof, or how to manage a creative hub. Nevertheless, Algorytm NGO believes that it is both possible and worth striving for.

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