How the “Vidvazhna” program and Center Diia.Business in Lutsk helped a Lutsk businesswoman realize her dream

Center Diia.Business in Lutsk
Center Diia.Business in Lutsk

The recently opened project Diia.Business in Lutsk has actively championed local entrepreneurs, serving as a launchpad for innovative ventures making a huge social impact. This drive to nurture entrepreneurship and catalyze growth in the city is manifested through initiatives like the “Vidvazhna” acceleration program for female founders.

Read on to discover how the deep collaboration of the Center Diia.Business in Lutsk, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, and the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office is helping activate entrepreneurs to scale ideas, blending business and social well-being.

Tetiana Klimuk's Inspiring Journey

Tetiana Klimuk
Tetiana Klimuk

Tetiana Klimuk, the visionary behind the GORA clothing brand, began her entrepreneurial journey in 2008. A skilled sewing technologist, she established her own business after being laid off from an atelier. Tetiana's commitment to quality became the cornerstone of her business philosophy.

Starting small, Tetiana sewed and repaired clothing, expanding her venture to three sewing workshops in Varash, Rivne oblast. Her dedication was unparalleled — she even ordered equipment for her third atelier while still in the maternity hospital.

The turning point for her was in 2014 when Tetiana got a large order of T-shirts from a prominent postal service provider. This marked the birth of her knitwear production, setting her apart in the industry. The business expanded into a formidable sewing facility in Lutsk, offering tailored orders and additional services like embroidery and image printing using a DTF printer.

That was also the time when the name of her production was born — "Shiyemo Vse” (We Sew Everything). The production continued to grow thanks to orders for workwear, which was quite popular thanks to the customization. "Our customers had the opportunity to choose the models of clothing that they liked," says Tetiana.

Pursuing the dream

Initially being hesitant about the Vidvazhna program, Tetiana’s desire to learn drove her to participate. Supported by Center Diia.Business in Lutsk, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the She's Next Empowered by Visa initiative became a game-changer. Immersing in the supportive community here seeded the concept for GORA. 

What’s interesting is that she didn’t go there to expand and grow her existing project. Tetiana dreamed of an adaptive, gender-neutral fashion label catering to disabled individuals' unaddressed clothing needs. Blending inclusivity, functionality, and great design — the brand would merge her technical skills with purpose. Tetiana fine-tuned this brainchild through mentorship of the Center Diia.Business in Lutsk.

In the final presentation of the "Vidvazhna" program, Tetiana unveiled GORA, her brand's innovative clothing line. But isn't just about clothes. It's about breaking barriers and meeting the specific needs of every customer, including those with disabilities. The brand's upcoming collection promises a range of items, reflecting her commitment to inclusivity.

Tetiana's inspiring journey reached a milestone when she won 150,000 hryvnias ($5,000) in the "Best Business Concept" category. These funds will fuel the promotion and advertising of the newly established GORA brand. Within six months, Tetiana aims to share her vision with the world through the brand's first collection, showcasing her as a visionary entrepreneur making waves in the fashion industry.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Vidvazhna Program and Center Diia.Business in Lutsk

The “Vidvazhna” program aims to empower women entrepreneurs in Ukraine by equipping them with the complete range of skills, knowledge, connections, and support to build and scale bold ventures. Here are some of the main directions for the “Vidvazhna” program in cooperation with the Center Diia.Business in Lutsk cover: 

  • Enhancing business proficiency. Workshops and seminars focus on strengthening skills in financial planning, marketing, operations, product development, and more.
  • Facilitating access. Entrepreneurs are connected with manufacturers, distributors, and domain experts to foster collaborations and widen reach.
  • Providing validation. Mentorship sessions help validate ideas and get expert advice to formulate executable growth plans.
  • Comprehensive support. Center Diia.Business in Lutsk collaboration provides end-to-end support, including legal, accounting, and digital resources, thus helping streamline venture building.
  • Essential funding. Contests enable entrepreneurs to secure thousands in grants to translate plans into action.

How Diia.Business Center Impacts Lutsk Entrepreneurial Community

The Diia.Business Center plays a pivotal role in enabling the “Vidvazhna” program locally through:

  • Infrastructure. State-of-the-art venue space, digital capabilities/tools, program equipment provision.
  • Community-building. Fostering collaboration between women founders, mentors, and partners.
  • Program operations. Planning, coordinating, and orchestrating all foundational activities.
  • Ecosystem connections. Bridging participants with networks like manufacturers, legal experts, or government agencies.
  • Business assistance. Counseling startups on financial planning, legal frameworks, or documentation.

The Center provides comprehensive underlying facilities, capabilities, and connections vital in administering and scaling the reach of the high-impact “Vidvazhna” initiative within Lutsk.

Wrapping Up

The "Vidvazhna" program, in collaboration with the Diia.Business Center in Lutsk has played a pivotal role in empowering women like Tetiana Klimuk, offering mentorship, knowledge, and financial support to bring innovative business concepts to life.

The Diia.Business Center in Lutsk emerges as a crucial local hub, fostering a collaborative space for entrepreneurs and serving as a catalyst for business development in Ukraine. Its support for initiatives like "Vidvazhna" underscores its significance in nurturing a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Are you a passionate founder in Lutsk seeking support to transform bold ideas into thriving ventures creating change? Center Diia.Business in Lutsk services is your best bet to explore new opportunities!


What is Diia.Business Center in Lutsk, and what services does it offer?

Diia.Business Center in Lutsk is a hub supporting local businesses through entrepreneurship education, mentorship, networking events, consultation services, and development of programs like "Vidvazhna". The ultimate goal is to create a creative hub in Lutsk.

What are the services and programs offered by Diia.Business Center in Lutsk to entrepreneurs?

The Diia.Business Center provides mentorship, seminars, legal/finance consultations, skills development workshops, a platform for holding events, and special programs like "Vidvazhna" for women entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of collaborating with Diia.Business Center in Lutsk for businesses?

Collaboration connects businesses to expertise, funding opportunities, support programs, and professional business networking in Lutsk. It also creates an innovation ecosystem and a community that nurtures creativity and accelerates growth.

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