Urban Vision Lutsk
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Urban Vision Lutsk is the first comprehensive urban study of the city of Lutsk

MAIN GOAL: Creation of the strategic vision plan and future development strategy for the city of Lutsk.

The Urban Vision Lutsk project is implemented by NGO "Urban Reform" (Kharkiv), ORG (New York / Antwerp / Brussels), and NGO "Misto.Reboot" (Lutsk) initiated by Algorytm NGO and with the support of the Lutsk City Council.

All stakeholders are involved in the project's activities — an active community, youth, businesses, city authorities, and experts.


  • identify the city's potential and engage Lutsk residents in forming a shared vision of the future;
  • identify tools for increasing the city's tourist and investment attractiveness;
  • create a model of city connectivity through the integration of nature and new pedestrian routes;
  • improve the quality of life, accessibility, convenience, and visual appeal of the city center for all demographics.
  • develop principles to integrate modern residential and commercial buildings, organize existing development, and preserve heritage in the city center;
  • improve the urban environment for people with limited mobility.


Stage I – 2023

  • Main data collection for creating the master plan of Lutsk's city centre

Stage II – 2024

  • Creating a strategic vision plan for Lutsk
The first urban workshop in Lutsk (28 May 2023)

As part of the Urban Vision Lutsk project, a sociological survey was conducted to identify the city's growth points. Urban planners also compiled all the data into two publications: "Urban Research" and "Concept for the Development of the Central Part of Lutsk."

These documents can be downloaded from the project's website.  

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The second urban workshop, exhibition, and the design game in Lutsk (12 August 2023)
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