Urban Vision Lutsk
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Urban Vision Lutsk is a project of a comprehensive urban study of the city and the development of a master plan for the central part of Lutsk.

The goal is to improve the quality of life in the city, make it more attractive to residents, and ensure sustainable development, economic activity, and openness.

The Urban Vision Lutsk project is being implemented at the initiative and with funding from the non-governmental organization "Algorithm of Actions" in partnership with the NGO "Misto.reboot" and the NGO "Urban Reform".

The project will involve all interested parties - active community, youth, business, city authorities, and professionals.

The goals of Urban Vision Lutsk:

  • Identify the potential of the city, engage the citizens in forming a common vision of the future;
  • Preserve the historical heritage and integrate it into new development;
  • Harmoniously combine nature, ancient architecture, and new commercial and residential buildings with modern urban solutions;
  • Improve the quality of life, accessibility, convenience and visual appeal of the city center in Lutsk.

Stages of the project development

1. Research

  • collecting information from open sources
  • creation of a digital database about Lutsk
  • implementation of a series of workshops for Lutsk residents
  • conducting a sociological study in the format of interviews and surveys

2. Developing a master plan for the center

  • analysis of research results
  • modeling of Lutsk development scenarios
  • creation of a master plan for the city center

As part of the study by Urban Vision Lutsk, a survey was conducted to help identify the city's growth points. We are grateful to the residents of Lutsk who participated and answered the questions for their active position in the development of Lutsk.

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