More than an art space: the "Module of Temporality" (MOT) was opened in Lutsk

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The "Module of Temporality" (MOT) was opened in Lutsk on July 12.

The temporary cultural space featuring an exhibition of works by international and Ukrainian artists will be open seven days a week from July 13 to August 13 at Teatralna Square.

The Kyiv-based team presents the "Module of Temporality" (MOT) in Lutsk Don't Take Fake with the initiative and support of the local NGO "Algorithm of Actions" and the assistance of the Lutsk City Council.

The work schedule of the MOT in Lutsk: from July 13 to August 13
13:00-20:00 on weekdays,
11:00-20:00 on weekends.

You can buy tickets at the entrance. The recommended price is 150 UAH. Visitors can choose a larger or smaller amount or visit the space for free. The funds raised will be directed to the MOT fund to restore cultural sites damaged or destroyed by Russian aggression.

The residents of Lutsk are also invited to attend guided tours by the Don't Take Fake organizers, which will be held every Friday and Saturday at 20:00. Find the schedule and tickets at the link.

When we created this project in the summer of 2022, we saw that museums in Ukraine were closing, and famous works were being taken abroad and exhibited in world museums. We wanted Ukrainians to have access to art despite the war. Visitors can choose any amount they want to pay for admission, even nothing: everyone can come here for free. However, we have a recommended entrance fee of 150 hryvnias. The important point is that we will use all the money raised from ticket sales to restore one of the museums in Ukraine that suffered from Russian aggression," 

on the photo - Dmytro Sobol, founder of Don't Take Fake.
on the photo - Dmytro Sobol, founder of Don't Take Fake.
on the photo - Dmytro Sobol, founder of Don't Take Fake.

MOT intends to show the uncertainty we are all in now and simultaneously support the desire to continue - to live, create, and fight. The contemporary art exhibition features 28 artists from 10 countries.

Lutsk is ready for large-scale projects. There are people here who are prepared to implement them. We are doing this to create a large creative hub in Lutsk in a few years. There are similar concepts in Kyiv and Ivano-Frankivsk: Unit City and Promprylad.Renovation. It will be a place where artists, experts in various fields, public figures who are not politicians and who are interested in doing something for the city will communicate and interact," 

— said Adam Harlampovich, co-founder of the NGO "Algorithm of Actions," which organized the initiative to bring the MOT to Lutsk.
on the photo - Adam Harlampovich, co-founder of the NGO "Algorithm of actions"
on the photo - Adam Harlampovich, co-founder of the NGO "Algorithm of actions"

It's a great event for our city because Lutsk has become the third city to host the "Module of Temporality", a modern creative art space. First, I like to look at the city from this space: we can see Lutsk from completely different angles. MOT is a cool initiative that has a social purpose. I am glad that by visiting this space, Lutsk residents will also contribute to restoring art institutions that were damaged during the war. Culture is always relevant, especially when the enemy is targeting our heritage and wants to separate us from the European cultural space," 

— said Kateryna Telipska, head of the Lutsk Tourism and Promotion Department.

Lutsk is the third city to see the unique project live. Before that, the MOT worked in Kyiv for three months and in Dnipro for a month.

The art space consists of 27 metal container modules. The balbek bureau team developed its architectural concept and interior.

The first thing that struck me, as a person involved in architecture and design, was the space itself. It is very open, with an internal volume and energy. I just walked around and enjoyed the room. As for the works, I saw something different in each of them. But after the tour, I learned from the team what these works meant to the authors. The MOT is an accessible art for Lutsk residents both in terms of pricing and location. You can just pass by and visit the MOT out of curiosity, even if you don't really understand contemporary art,"

— said Anton Shmelev, a visitor to the MOT.

Anna Danylchuk, a visitor to the art space, shared her impressions of what she saw:

I love contemporary art, and when I travel worldwide, I try to visit such museums. For me, it is about emotion, about empathy: not only to understand but also to feel. On the one hand, this war has divided us; on the other hand, it has united us. Not only the regions of Ukraine but also Ukraine and the world. Lutsk is a part of the bigger world, and we need to realize this and never return to isolation and peripherality. Projects like the MOT are inspiring. They are the voice of Ukraine, which is strong because it consists of famous artists who speak about Ukraine in a difficult time, but speak with hope. I invite you to come here, and you will definitely be surprised by many things. After all, now the main task of art is to surprise, provoke, inspire, and repeat to the world that Ukraine exists and it must win."

Технічне відкриття МОТ

The space will have a gift store where you can buy merchandise from the project or items from special collaborations between MOT and Ukrainian brands and artists.

The organizers have launched a contest for visitors. Visitors can receive gifts for their feedback about MOT: a photo shoot from a famous photographer, merchandise from the gift store, or a limited edition of DTF Magazine. More details are available on Algorithm of Actions' social media pages.

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