Module of Temporality (МОТ) in Lutsk

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"Module of Temporality " (MOT) is a temporary cultural space by Don't Take Fake, which is being implemented in Lutsk with the support and funding of the NGO "Algorithm of Actions".

МОТ is an art space project, an attempt to capture the fluidity of life and time in art, show uncertainty, and support the desire to continue - live, create, and fight.

The goal is to use art and culture to draw even more world attention to Ukraine and the cultural projects being implemented in the country despite the war and travel to different regions.

The mission of the MOT is to raise funds to restore cultural institutions affected by Russian aggression through art and culture.

What is MOT?

MOT means "Module of Temporality". It is a two-story building comprising 27 module containers with an exhibition of works by international and Ukrainian artists. It will also host a series of film screenings and lectures.

Temporarily occupied regions, temporarily separated families, temporary protection status, and eventually, a temporary war. The temporality of everything around us gives us an impetus to move. After all, any temporality has its end, and a new vector for action follows," the Don't Take Fake team explains.

— the Don't Take Fake team explains.

It is important for us to broadcast that Lutsk has the space and opportunities to create large-scale projects. Even such small cities have a request to be part of the great, to receive enough attention and attract investment. That's why we didn't hesitate to invite the MOT here," 

— says Adam Harlampovich, one of the co-founders of the NGO "Algorithm of Actions.

What's inside?

The " Module of Temporality" core is an exhibition space featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, and audiovisual works by 28 artists from 10 countries.

The exhibition was curated by Fabrice Busto, a French art critic, curator, and chief editor of Beaux Arts magazine. Fabrice has worked on many contemporary art projects, including the Paris-Delhi-Bombay exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Center. He is also an advisor to Le Grand Paris, an urban project that aims to transform the region.

I thought we should talk about the fragility of time. Because when war breaks into your life, you first think about vulnerability, your own and your loved ones.

I believe that art promotes mind, soul, and body mobility. It makes you different. All authoritarian and terrorist countries ban art first of all. That's why we need to democratize culture so that as many people as possible are involved in art and have access to it - cinema, theater, museums, and similar institutions. It is how we can overcome barbarism. A person who has discovered beauty, intelligence, and awareness will never become a barbarian,"

— says Fabrice Busto in an interview with DTF Magazine.

The "Module of Temporality" exhibition presents the most prominent names of the world art scene.

The Ukrainian artists include Zhanna Kadyrova, Maria Kulikovska, Roman Minin, Oleksiy Kondakov, Oleksiy Say, Nikita Kravtsov, and Volodymyr Manzhos (WAONE).

The international artists are represented by French artists JR and Zevs, street artist Vhils, the author of the Kyiv mural depicting Serhiy Nigoyan, American sculptor Mark Jenkins, South Korean multidisciplinary artist KIMSOOJA, Indian avant-garde artist Subodh Gupta, and Los Angeles-based artist Cleon Peterson. The Spanish visual artist Pablo Valbuena will come to the opening specially, preparing a work in collaboration with Ukrainian poets Ostap Slyvynsky, Iryna Tsilyk, and Lyuba Yakymchuk. A new audiovisual project filmed in the Chornobyl zone will also be presented by the New York duo Soundwalk Collective, with a poem written and read by the legendary Patti Smith.

The exhibition is not all. What else will be presented at MOT?

The MOT will also become a platform for movie screenings during its work. It will also host performances, lectures, and discussions.

The gift store is part of the art space, a souvenir shop. Most of its items are limited collections in collaboration with Ukrainian artists and brands, including m0d44, O (FourFour), Broq, Pilsok, Woolkrafts, Sabi Candles, and others. In addition, it will be possible to buy a "piece" of the MOT - containers made of plaster and ceramics, handmade by Ukrainian craftsmen.

The items presented on the shelves were created in Ukraine during a full-scale war, in conditions of constant power outages and shutdowns. For us, these are not so much goods as they are the personification of the resilience of Ukrainian business and the fixation of time in physical objects that complement the project, — the MOT organizers explain,"

— the MOT organizers explain.

After the project is completed, the MOT team plans to organize a charity auction. It will include some of the works presented in the space's exhibition and other works by the featured artists. More information about the auction will be published later.

In addition to Don't Take Fake, two other teams were involved in the "Module of Temporality": CREVV design studio, which developed the visual language and logo of MOT, and balbek bureau, which was responsible for the architectural concept and interior design.

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