Urban Vision Lutsk Research Was Presented at Lviv Urban Forum

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Urban Vision Lutsk was presented at the international Lviv Urban Forum. Algorytm platform became a partner of this year’s forum.

Architects and urbanists from around the world with government representatives, business leaders, and  civic activist gathered to discuss the rebuilding of Ukraine.

The event featured Pritzker Prize laureate Alejandro Aravena, renowned British urbanist Joanna Eberle, Lithuanian architect Gilma Teodora, and many others. For three days, they discussed trends in urban planning and the urgent need to start implementing urban solutions in Ukraine.

Photo: Lviv Urban Forum
Photo: Lviv Urban Forum

One of the projects presented at the forum was Urban Vision Lutsk research, the first comprehensive urban study of Lutsk, initiated by Algorytm. The project began in 2023 by gathering information about Lutsk from open sources and conducting workshops with residents. This effort resulted in a digital database about the city, considering its potential and the needs of its citizens.

The study is now publicly available in both digital and print formats.

Printed Copy of Urban Vision Lutsk Study
Printed Copy of Urban Vision Lutsk Study

The Urban Vision Lutsk project is implementing by the Urban Reform NGO, (Kharkiv), ORG Permanent Modernity (New York / Antwerp / Brussels), and Misto.Reboot NGO (Lutsk), initiated by Algorytm platform and supported by the Lutsk City Council.

According to Alexandra Naryzhna, architect and head of the Urban Reform city development office, the study's second phase has now begun. The Belgian company ORG Permanent Modernity has joined the project team, and now the team works on creating a stakeholder map, building "bridges" between Lutsk and international organizations, donors, and scientists, and studying the city's transport model.

The project aims to create a strategic vision plan and future development strategy for Lutsk.

I talk to people in Ukraine and I get the feeling that there are concerns about whether urban planning is timely, given that safety and military support come first during a war. However, I'm convinced that Ukraine needs to start planning for reconstruction now

said Hendrik Bloem, architect and urbanist at ORG Permanent Modernity.

As Algorytm was a partner of the Lviv Urban Forum, our team organized one of the forum's events — a public dialogue on "Community Development: Finding Balance During Wartime."

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