Public City Square

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The project was developed by experts from the balbek bureau for the initiatives and funding of the Algorytm NGO

The project is implemented by the Community organization Algorytm NGO in cooperation with misto.reboot and with the support of the Lutsk City Council.

The square will look like an amphitheater with well-thought-out and integrated lighting, a beautiful view of Lutsk, and places for recreation.

The goal is to create a point of attraction for young people, rethink the location next to the largest pedestrian artery in Lutsk, and create an Instagram spot to promote the city.

Currently, preparatory and construction work is underway at the site of the square. A sculpture by world-famous Ukrainian artist Oleksiy Zolotarev will be placed in the middle of the square, and a podium for seating with inclusive access will be arranged.

"Grain" is a visual decoration of the square

This is a two-meter polished stainless steel sculpture with a concrete podium by the GaZ team. It will be created to complement the landscape compositions and atmosphere of the space.

The sculptor Oleksiy Zolotarev is one of the founders of the GaZ artist group, an artist from Kyiv and Berlin who works in various solo and group projects involving performance, installation, and sculpture.

A grain is an archived storage medium; it can store information in its shell for an unlimited time. It is a powerful archetypal symbol of creation and origin. Almost every cultural epic poem contains information about it. Everything has its sources – the universe, the earthly world, and culture as a phenomenon of human existence. Today, we are at an important stage of development, a search for lost civilizations. The main question is: what do we have to sow, how do we take care of it to grow what we need?

The object refers to the motifs of female, embryonic forms, to intimate sacred images of the beginning of life. Cold metal was chosen to reveal the image, reflecting the world around us and distorting its reality.

By combining the cold of space and the warmth of the fertile Earth in one object, a new artifact is created – a monument to rebirth, which is a continuation of the work on the "Cultural Grains" cycle

Author: Oleksiy Zolotarev
Благоустрій скверу

Project goals

  • To create a safe, cultural zone in the city for young people;
  • To increase the attractiveness of the central pedestrian street in Lutsk;
  • To carry out a major reconstruction of the square and improve the waterproofing of the adjacent building.

The square is located at the intersection of Lesya Ukrainka and Kryvyi Val streets.

The construction will be completed by the end of September 2023.

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