How Algorytm NGO Supports Creative Industries

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The Algorytm transforms Lutsk into a city of opportunities for representatives of the creative industries.

That’s why we support those who are developing this sector of the economy. These include talented actors, writers, artists, sculptors, dancers, singers, and other artists who create and advocate Ukraine on the global stage.

Why is this important?

Firstly, creativity is a source of innovative ideas. In the 21st century, people’s attention, creativity, and intellect are becoming the most valuable resources for economic development.

Secondly, artists create unique products and services, shaping our identity and presenting Ukraine in the international market.

Thirdly, the war has drawn the attention of the global community to Ukrainian culture, and one of the main focuses of international donors in Ukraine is on cultural projects. If we become more understandable to the world through art, the world will know why it is important to stand with us and support Ukraine.

Art projects that we have been actively supporting lately are below.

The Garmyder Theater

We signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Garmyder Theater, which has been engaging in socio-cultural dialogue with the people of Lutsk for almost 20 years. The first result of this partnership was the presentation of the play “Five Songs of Polissia” in Kyiv. By the way, it was included in the top eight best chamber performances in Ukraine according to the experts of the festival and Award “GRA”.


This is an ecosystem of literary events that we support. We should present modern Ukrainian literature to the world and show that Ukrainian authors create quality texts despite the war.

Zerno sculpture (“The Grain”)

Zerno sculpture is part of the Public city square initiated by the Algorytm NGO in the center of Lutsk. The two-meter sculpture is made of steel. It is one of “The Cultural Grains” series by the Ukrainian art group GAZ. By the way, the sculpture has a special mission — it raises donations to the Come Back Alive Foundation for demining in Ukraine.

Open-air Art Gallery 4/8

This is a street art gallery in the City Park recreational complex in Lutsk, an informal exhibition space without limits of imagination and fantasies.

Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis

Algorytm NGO supported the Ukrainian Artmarket Analysis, the first research of the Ukrainian art market for 2021-2023. This extensive study revealed market development trends and important achievements of Ukrainian artists both within Ukraine and abroad.

Our goal is to unite a powerful community of creatives to activate their activities and create collaborations that attract attention to Ukraine and Lutsk.

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