Zerno Sculpture (“The Grain”)
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A two-meter sculpture made of stainless steel was created by the GAZ art group and initiated by Algorytm NGO. Installed in the center of Lutsk, Grain not only becomes a magnet for passersby’s attention but also raises donations to the Come Back Alive Foundation.

“The Grain” is part of a new Public City Square located at the intersection of Lesya Ukrainka Street and Kryvyi Val Street.

“The Grain” located at the intersection of Lesya Ukrainka Street and Kryvyi Val Street
“The Grain” located at the intersection of Lesya Ukrainka Street and Kryvyi Val Street

The project’s goal is to enhance the attractiveness of the city’s central part and redefine the location adjacent to Lutsk’s busiest pedestrian street. We aim to transform the attention towards the sculpture into support for the defenders of Ukraine.

Ukrainian culture needs attention — the most valuable resource in the 21st. Art helps identify Ukrainians, setting them apart from others. That’s why Algorytm platform supports art projects advocating for Ukraine on the global market.

“The Grain” is the archetypal symbol of creation and restoration.

“This object refers to motifs of feminine forms, to sacred and intimate images of the beginning of life. By combining the coldness of space and the warmth of fertile soil in one object, we create a new artifact — a monument to rebirth”,

says Oleksii Zolotar, co-author of the sculpture.

It prompts reflection on the cyclical nature of life, rebirth, and reconstruction. And it inspires visitors to donate to the Come Back Alive Fundation, a partner of the Algorytm NGO. Funds will go towards purchasing equipment for demining in Ukraine.

You can join the fundraising efforts by following the link or scanning the QR code on the information plaque near the sculpture.

For reference: the GAZ art group is a Ukrainian creative duo of Vasyl Grublyak and Oleksii Zolotar. They engage in visual arts, experimenting with various techniques and directions, from performances to works in public spaces. They participate in Ukrainian and international projects. The sculpture in Lutsk is part of the “The Cultural Grains” series, work on which began back in 2016.

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