Algorytm, a café of social impact in Lutsk
Publication date is an entirely new establishment type in Lutsk. It will have 100 co-founders and commit 80% of its net profit to fund grants for Lutsk's development.

There will also be an event space and a Ukrainian crafts store. But foremost, is a space where you'll find delicious food and an enjoyable atmosphere.

Who conceived this idea? was initiated by Algorytm NGO. We drew inspiration from Urban Space 100, the project of Teple Misto NGO in Ivano-Frankivsk. It is the first Ukrainian social restaurant, directing 80% of its profit toward implementing civic projects. It has been successfully operating for over 9 years.

What the café of social impact concept is?

80% of the net profit from the café's operations will be directed towards supporting projects for Lutsk's development. During the ongoing war, grant seasons will focus on initiatives related to the military and veterans. Projects related to the development of infrastructure, social, cultural, or educational spheres in Lutsk will also be considered.

In essence, everyone in the café becomes part of the change. Guests contribute to future grants by paying their bills in misto.café, while activists propose ideas and receive funding for their implementation.

Who are the co-founders of misto.café?

The café will have 100 co-founders, they are socially active people with the same contributions to the establishment and the same rights. They will collectively decide what projects will receive 80% of the café's net profit.

The important point is that co-founders will not be involved with the operational activities of and claim any share of the profits.

To become a co-founder, please, fill out an application on the website. Then, after receiving positive recommendations from current participants, make a non-refundable one-time charitable contribution, and consent to open participation in the project.

Who will manage the café?

Well-known café enthusiast Serhii Kapatsyna, with over 19 years of experience in restaurant management in Lutsk, will oversee the establishment.

How did the slogan come about?

"Different people, one city. Different people, one place" is the slogan of the new café, proposed by the project's interior designers, the well-known Ukrainian architectural design workshop balbek bureau.

It calls for joint efforts to create change, supplementing the city with new projects and meanings. After all, the strength is in partnership, even if we are different in some ways.

Where is located?

Bohdana Khmelnytskoho St., 26 (city centre)

When will the café open?

The opening is scheduled for late spring. Up to that time, you can follow the project on social media:

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